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Welcome To Darana Hybrid

We specialize in conveyor electrics, industrial process controls, automated material handling systems, control systems integration and PLC program, design and installation.

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About Us

The Darana Hybrid Difference

  • Supervisors, Trainers and Licensed Electricians with Extensive Experience.
  • Weekly Project Reports accurately track progress for your plant manager/project supervisor.
  • Recruiting and Training of local workforce to assist our own specialists.
  • Flexibility in service - able to effectively manage single or multiple site contracts with the ability to interface readily with other personnel including subcontractors.
  • Darana Mobile Workshop Versatility - from simple wiring to industrial robotics.
  • Fully mobile workshops and offices.
  • Darana's Goal—"ON TIME AND ON BUDGET"

Darana History

Darana Hybrid is an electrical & mechanical contractor specializing in industrial applications. Since 1985 we have proven ourselves as leading experts in the field of conveyor electrics and PLCs. Darana is a truly international company with offices on the east and west coast of the United States, as well as offices in Canada.

Team Darana

Darana ElectricianThe core of Darana's team on any project are the "cream of the crop"—electricians, engineers and project managers with extensive experience in industrial electrical & mechanical installations. These fully licensed individuals typically have over 12 years experience in the trades and in the supervision of projects. We augment our key personnel with assistance from AMPS a recognized leader in international recruiting and placement for the trades, and when possible use qualified local labor.

Mobile Resources

Darana Mobile ServicesDarana prides itself on having completed every project "On Time and On Budget". On larger projects Darana supplies a fully equipped workshop and office facility housed in one of their specially designed 53' trailers (located across the U.S.). This facilitates quick response to changes in specifications or required modifications. On multiple site projects, trailers are provided for each site. Equipment in use is state of the art, and regularly upgraded to take advantage of changes in technology and efficiency.

Scope of Services

Darana's team of professionals will assist you in analyzing your needs from the onset of the project. Our input will save you time and money. From simple wiring to complex robotic applications, our extensive experience in industrial contracting includes installation and programming of conveyor electrics and PLCs. All work is performed to the required specifications, and is in compliance with UL and OSHA standards. Darana can also design custom hardware specifically for your application.